Sunday, January 23, 2011

A fun day!

Yesterday we spent the day with our friend Monique and her family to visit Finna -Finna Faeryn of the Hunters Pride- and to have fun day together with the family. Monique's parents co-own our Bella -Atia Bella of the Hunters Pride- with us and her brother and sister in law own Hunters -Ed Venture of the Hunters Pride-. And they all came to visit and it was a fun seeing them all again! Monique and her family also own a Hovawart named Lancelot, 2 Basset Hounds named Roos and Luna, and a bunch of other animals :-) Below are some picture we took that day.
Thank you Monique, Marco, Verene and Fjodor for the lovely day!
Finna and her 'mommy' Monique
Finna and Hunter (Ed Venture of the Hunters Pride)
Verene with her doggies, Finna & Lancelot
Verene and Daisy
Roos and Luna