Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Wizard and I just got back from an amazing trip to Florida! Wizard had a date with two lovely girls in Palm Beach. Fun in the sun? Now who can say no to that! We were somewhat delayed because of the strong wind in Amsterdam, and because of the headwind towards Atlanta we were even more delayed. Customs took forever as usual, so by the time we got to the bagage claim we had 10 minutes left to make it to the plane..... wasn't going to work... So we were rebooked on a later flight out (thank goodness there was one!) and made it to Palm Beach that day. Bonnie was waiting for us at the airport. Here is Wizzie with Bonnie's car, his first Florida picture :-)

Bonnie and I took Wizard to Petsmart. I am sure he thought he died and went to dogtoyheaven LOL. He didn't know where to look, he was so overwhelmed by it all. We bought him a bunch of toys and many people stopped to pet him, he was quite the attraction in there ;-)
We found this t-shirt for him: "Chick Magnet" :-) He was so focused on the toys that I don't think he even noticed that I put that t-shirt on LOL
And what about this one; "mommy's tough guy" so cute :-)

Wizard in complete awe :-)

Petsmart you have another fan :-)

Another day we went to the beach. Another day in paradise. Wizard enjoyed every minute of it!Whooheeee :-)

Beautiful little man exploring the beach, he thought the waves were very facinating. Whoo that wave came too close ;-) Scary LOLPretty boy

Wes took this lovely picture of Wizard for Valentine's Day, our little Chick magnet :-)Time flies when you are having fun. And before we knew it was time to leave again :-( It wasn't just Wizzie and I on the way back, we brought a little one home as well. His name is Edison's Alliance. We choose the name Alliance (Lance for short) because Lance will be owned by me and two of my friends who are also breeders, Kate from the Z Jerene kennel in the Czech Republic and Caroline from the Jack Beauty kennel in the south of France.
~Alliance~ An alliance is an agreement or friendship between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests.

Here is little Lance at the airport. He thought it was all very interesting. And he was quite the attraction. So many people wanted to take his picture :-)On our flight to Atlanta we had a lovely flight attendent who loved Lance and I took this picture of her with him. The flight attendents on this flight were so nice.

This is Lance in his first clas cabin LOL, such luxery :-)

And now we are back home and he acts like he has always been here :-) He is such a sweetheart with a lovely face.
I would love to thank my dear friend Bonnie for a great vacation, Wizard and I had a wonderful time, we LOVED spending time with you!
And I also love to thank my dear friend Kate, in case any one forgot she is Wizzie's "first mom", his owner, for entrusting Wizard to us and allowing us to take him on this wonderful trip. He really had the time of his life. So on behalf of him, woof woof thank you :-)