Saturday, April 9, 2011

A lot going on !

Busy weeks here! So time for a small update!

First of all, our little Princess Pink turned 6 April 7th. She is fully recovered from her surgery and is her good old self again. There is no other dog like Pinky, we simply adore her. We took this crazy picture of her, her grandma bought her this fairy dress. For Pinky nothing is too crazy ;-)
And Ollie (Chop Suey of the Hunters Pride) came to stay with us for a couple of days. His owners, co-own Minou (Belle Fairy Woods of Mayo Land) for us and since our little girl was having her season and Ollie is not neutered, their home was 'too small' :-) Ollie is having a great time with his mom Pink here. And today we went for a long walk and he even went for swim with Dax and Pink.

We also saw Missy (Mistral Force of the Hunters Pride) again. The little beauty will be 10 in August, but still looks as good as young dog. Thank you Pascale for visiting us it was lovely seeing her again!

I also visited my friend Carla, who is a Leonberger breeder. She currently has a litter of 6 weeks old. They are already bigger than mature Jack Russell Terriers! They are sooooo cute! Here are two of them <3 AND!! it's also been NINE weeks since my last post about Florida because the first USA Wizard (Lemosa Hopes Mandrake) pups are BORN!!!! Scarlett gave birth to 4 beautiful girls yesterday. They are beautifully marked. Congratulations to my friend Bonnie Edison (Edison Kennel Florida).